I got dragged around the Bank Holiday sales today.  There ain’t much more I hate than that, to be honest.

However, this one turned out different (hehe).

We went to some warehouse or other – and I came back with two monstrously huge fans, a fire extinguisher, a black coir entrance mat, some ceiling speakers, a filing cabinet and some office stationery.

As we plan to have a little admin office, the filing cabinet and other bits & bobs will come in useful.  As we plan to have a sound system (to play M.C. Hammer) in there, the ceiling speakers are ideal.  For the floor area, I think two extinguishers should suffice – so at least got one so far, and the fans – combined with our hi-tech aircon system (the windows) – should ensure the dojo stays cool on the five hot days each year that the UK enjoys.  Superb!

The mrs is not used to seeing me smile while shopping…

– Scott

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