Iaido Beginner Course

Dear All,

I am now pleased to be able to confirm the following:

Iaido Beginner Course
Date – Wednesday 29th September
Time – 8:30pm to 10:30pm (please arrive for around 8:15pm latest)
Address – Brownhills School, Deakin Avenue, Brownhills, Walsall WS8 7QG (just off the A5)

The course will last 10 weeks, and will cover the basics of Japanese Swordsmanship including basic techniques) reiho (etiquette), sword care, Japanese sword traditions and history.

Paricipants will be supplied with their own bokuto (wooden training sword), kneepads (to protect during kneeling techniques) and a three-month membership to the British Kendo Association (which includes insurance cover).  Both the bokuto and kneepads are the property of the student and are not returned at the end of the course.  If the participant already has some equipment, the course fee can be adjusted accordingly.

At the end of the course, participants will present the techniques they have learned in front of senior grades and also be invited to join the dojo as a formal member should they wish to do so.

Please note that we are a non-profit club, and all monies received are invested in the future of the dojo.  No fees are taken by the instructors for their time and teachings.

If you wish to register for the course, please contact me (through either the website or Facebook) with your name and contact number and we will be in touch a few days before the course begins to confirm your attendance.

Kind regards,

Scott Halls

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