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Much of the ryu’s teachings are considered okuden and are not taught outside of Japan. It is for this reason we concentrate on ‘Itto’ (one sword), ‘Nito’ (two swords) and ‘Kodachi’ (short sword). The kata and their translations are as follows:

  • Tachi (or Itto) Seiho (One Sword Techniques) – 12 techniques
  • Kodachi Seiho (Short Sword Techniques) – 7 techniques
  • Nito Seiho (Two Sword Techniques) – 5 techniques
  • Bojutsu (Long Staff) – 20 techniques
  • Juttejutsu (Iron Truncheon) – 5 techniques
  • Aikuchi Roppo (Knife/Grappling Techniques) – 6 techniques