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For our kenjutsu practice, we tend to be a little less formal than for iai and often wear samue for general keiko. However, iai clothing is fine if you wish to wear it initially:

  • Samue – loose Japanese casual clothing – ideal for keiko.
  • Obi – wide belt to support sword – not coloured like karate/judo.
  • Zori/Tabi – zori are outdoor footwear and tabi are optional for indoor use.
  • For formal demonstrations of Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu kenjutsu at public events, we wear black montsuki, striped hakama and white tabi.

    The only weapons we use in kenjutsu are bokken/bokuto (wooden swords) as it is kumitachi (paired practice). They are usually purchased as a pair as both the odachi (long sword) & kodachi (short sword) are used in general practice.