Is it expensive to study with you?

Not at all. The minimum you need to start is a set of loose clothes and a bokuto (wooden sword) that will cost around £10, but we can loan you a beginner weapon for the first few practices.

To get fully kitted up in training clothes (which you don’t need to do straight away) costs around £100. We will advise the best places to purchase from, naturally! An iaito (blunt-edged training weapon) costs £150-250, depening upon spec and style, and you will need one of these around a year into practice, but you are welcome to get one straight away if you wish.

As for dojo fees, we ask all members to pay via standing order. This gives the dojo financial stability and also encourages the member to attend regularly! The fees work out to approximately £4.50 per two-hour practice, and less if you practice more than one art with us.

Please note that the dojo is run on a non-profit basis, and no fees are taken by the instructors for teaching martial arts.

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