Why should I choose Heijoshin over other nearby dojo?

Actually, we don’t mind who you train with!  If you are learning JSA (Japanese sword arts) formally with one of the other dojo nearby, that is fine with us.  There is no competition between the various dojo (other than the usual friendly abuse/banter we share with each other) and we’d all rather see interested parties learning properly under a qualified and competent instructor than trying to teach themselves or learn from someone incapable of teaching!

Every teacher is different, as are their students.  We’re very traditional, we work hard, but also enjoy ourselves during practice, having a laugh when mistakes are made (which is regularly!) – this may suit you, it may not… but you won’t know until you give it a try.

So, come learn from us – or another dojo – we don’t mind.  Just don’t learn the hard (and dangerous) way by buying videos from eBay or asking the local McDojo to teach you!

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